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The natural nasal spray for immediate relief

100% natural nasal spray

Capsinol is a natural nasal spray that is designed to help keep your nose clean and restore the natural function of your nasal mucosa.

By using it, you may be able to breathe freely again and enjoy better sleep without the need for other nasal sprays.

100% natural

proven effective

for runny nose, stuffy nose and nasal spray addiction

long-term use

recommended by ENT doctors

strengthens your nasal mucosa


Capsinol is a nasal spray that contains capsaicin, a compound found in red peppers that has an anti-inflammatory effect and can stimulate the nasal mucous membranes to produce less mucus.

This can help to alleviate chronic nasal complaints such as a stuffy or runny nose.

Unlike many other nasal sprays, Capsinol does not contain xylometazoline or other steroids, which can be addictive and potentially harmful to the body.

Some hospitals use capsaicin for nasal treatment and it has been shown to be effective in medical research for chronic nasal issues.

Chronic nasal complaints

Stuffy nose

A stuffy nose is usually caused by a

Running nose

When the nose produces too much mucus, extra


Sinusitis is mainly caused by a

Nasal spray addiction

Most nasal sprays can only last a week

“Capsinol helped me get rid of my nasal spray addiction…After the first day I didn’t touch xylometazoline anymore.”

— Gabry’s experience

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Capsinol helps you breathe freely through the nose again. It strengthens the resistance of the nose and reduces the sensitivity to allergens. Capsinol is effective and long lasting.

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We are Rehocare from Soest and producer of Capsinol.

Capsinol is a Dutch product and is produced in the Netherlands according to strict regulations. We now sell Capsinol to more than 15 different countries.

We only work with natural ingredients, which offer an effective solution for nasal problems and improve the resistance of the nose.

If you have any questions, we are happy to assist you. Email us at, we will try to respond within two business days.

“For years I suffered from a stuffy nose and persistent headaches, I tried everything to get rid of my complaints. Since Capsinol I am symptom-free. I have no side effects, so I will continue to use it.”

— Michael