Capsinol Original Formula



Capsinol Original Formula is an all natural nasal spray based on red pepper’s capsaicine. Capsaicin is a component of red peppers (Capsicum) that provides the burning sensation. Research has shown that this substance inhibits the overactive nervous system. There are no negative side effects of the pepper spray on the smell or the nasal mucosa.

Relief of symptoms associated sinus congestion and helps to breathe more freely through the nose. Capsinol nasal spray can be used as long as needed and is not addictive. It is all natural and not harmful for your health.

5 reviews for Capsinol Original Formula

  1. Danny

    Capsinol works really well for me. My postnasal drip which has been a great problem over the years has more or less stopped thanks to using the spray. Great product!

  2. Margaret Harwood

    HOORAY! for Capsinol. I have been suffering with bouts of cluster headaches for over 30 years, Lasting from a few weeks to months on end. After using the mild formular for 4 or 5 days, these debilitating headaches are subsiding. No pain for 2 days. Many thanks

  3. Thomas

    Thank you for saving my nose from a serious nasal spray addiction. I though I would need surgery. But I think I can do it with your spray. Been using it for one week now.

  4. Anthony

    great product which actually works, many thanks!

  5. Anna

    I want just to leave a note to say that Capsinol Original formula worked very well for my nose problem. No watered eyes at all. A good sensation of a non-stuffed nose like no other medicine have gave me since I started having this sinus problem. I am cleaning my nose with a saline solution everyday and when felling the nose is a bit stuffed I use capsinol (Spraying 2 times in each nostril once a day). Thanks!

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