Capsinol Hay Fever Formula




New! Capsinol Hay Fever Relief Nasalspray

Prevents a blocked or congested nose caused by hay fever.

Capsinol Hay Fever Nasalspray is a gentle yet effective nasalspray that helps reducing allergy symptoms and prevents a blocked nose caused by the common cold or hay fever. The formula nurtures and helps soothe nasal mucous membranes.

The addition of Sunflower and Eucalyptus Oil provides a fresh feeling. The oils also provide a protective layer to the nasal mucous membranes which prevents pollen and allergens to settle on the inside of the nose.

Ingredients: water, salt, xylitol, sunflower lecithin, eucalyptus oil, capsicum annuum tincture, rutin, quercetin, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate


Soothes the irritated nasal mucous membrane and aids easier breathing. Providing immediate comfort to nasal mucous membrane and a sensation of soothing freshness. It moistens and cleanses blocked nasal cavities. Xylitol helps block bacteria.

100% Natural Nasal Spray.

Suitable for prolonged use.


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