Can you use Capsinol while pregnant?


Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question specifically. Capsinol has not been medically tested and therefore we cannot make a statement about this.

What we can say; the Original Formula and Extra Strong do not contain ingredients that in themselves are harmful to a pregnancy.

We do not recommend the Mild formula during pregnancy. This is because it contains feverfew (feverfew) as an extra ingredient. This substance has a slightly blood-thinning effect and could possibly have a contraction-inducing effect.
However, the amount of feverfew is so low that we do not expect it to also help as a wee-inducer.
(Should that need be at the end of the pregnancy. 😉)

Capsinol during breastfeeding

Both formulas can be used when breastfeeding.

When in doubt: When in doubt,
 ask your doctor or pharmacist.

We wish you a happy and carefree pregnancy!