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Capsinol nasal spray – how does it work?

Capsinol nasal spray contains capsaicin. Capsaicin is the active component in chili peppers which causes the hot sensation. Through medical research it has been shown that capsaicin can have positive effect on (chronic) nasal problems.

It can offer relief to chronic nasal congestion or a runny nose.

Capsaicin – what does it do?

– capsaicin has a stimulating effect on the nasal mucous membranes. This in turn causes them to diminish the production of mucous. For you this means you can breathe freely again through your nose.
– capsaicin builds up the resistance of the nasal mucosa. The nose will therefore respond with less sensitivity to outside influences.
– capsaicin also has an anti-inflammatory effect. This means it reduces certain signs of inflammation and offers relief.

The effects – with a little bit of patience

Most people will experience direct relief after using Capsinol. As an almost immediate response, it can enable you again to breathe freely through the nose. In some cases however, it may take a little longer for Capsinol to take effect.
We advise you to use the spray for at least two weeks (this would be about one bottle of Capsinol). During this period, if you have not experienced any improvement, then the spray will most probably be unable to alleviate your problems.

Each nose is different and responds differently (or not at all) to the pepper. Capsinol is not a miracle remedy for all nasal problems. Sometimes, nasal complaints may even grow worse initially. This may not be the desired effect, but it does mean that your nose is responding to the pepper. Therefore some patience will be required as it is key to keep using Capsinol. Once the initial undesirable effect occurs, you may (temporarily) use another nasal spray. This will allow your nose to decongest  until the pepper causes the desired effect.

Capsinol is also effective for short colds, especially if you prefer to use a natural nasal spray. We would like to note that a nasal spray containing xylometazoline or oxymetazoline mostly provides a faster relief of congestion.

Feel the burn

As to be expected from a component taken from chili peppers, Capsinol nasal spray is quite hot and spicy (comparable to a lick of strong english mustard). Although it may feel a little bit uncomfortable initially, you will eventually get used to this sensation. As we all have different tolerance settings, not everyone experiences their first-time use of Capsinol in the same way.

Capsinol has helped a significant amount of people. People for instance with a chronically congested nose. There are also people who have become reliant to nasal sprays containing xylometazoline for years. For many of them, Capsinol provided the relief they needed.

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