Which Capsinol formula is right for you?

What is the right formula is completely up to you; each person and each nose responds differently. Nevertheless, here are some pointers to help you choose.

Original Formula

This is the most effective formula. Suitable for those who experience chronic colds, a runny nose or other nasal problems. This formula is extremely spicy. If you can handle spiciness, this is the formula for you. If you are a bit apprehensive then we recommend to start with the mild formula.

Mild Formula

When in doubt, choose the mild formula. Spicy, but with slightly less intensity. Stick with the mild formula or gradually build up your tolerance.

If you suffer from hay fever, we recommend this formula. Feverfew is added to the mild formula. This is a medicinal plant traditionally used for the treatment of fevers and migraines and is said to help ease hayfever. Because of the feverfew, this formula should not be used by pregnant women.

Extra Strong Formula

Not for the faint hearted.

This formula has been developed for Capsinol users who are used to the Original Formula and want it a bit more spicy. The Extra Strong has a much higher concentration of capsaicin, and is therefore more effective.

When you start using Capsinol for the first time, we would recommend you to start with the Original or Mild Formula. The concentration of Capsaicin in the Extra Strong is high and may be experienced as painful by first time Capsinol users.


All formulas are 100% natural, are harmless for your nose and can be used on a frequent basis.

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