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Non-allergic rhinitis Capsinol nasal psray

Non-allergic rhinitis; capsicum reliefs

Marta - from Barcelona
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I cannot even remember when I first realized that I couldn’t possibly have a perpetual cold, and that the regular sneezes and runny nose that I had been experiencing for a long time might be symptoms of something else. At some point I was told that I must have an allergy and was prescribed antihistamines. […]

Addicted to xylometazoline after a cold

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Bianca: about ten years ago, I was suffering from a cold and bought a bottle of xylometazoline nasal spray. I could barely pronounce it. The sales person pointed to the package information leaflet and told me not to use it for more than eight days. I even told her I intended to be better after […]

My experience with Capsinol nasal spray

Lya Hartman
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Lya: in the fall of 2013, I encountered Capsinol’s page on Facebook. After reading about the product and the experiences of users, I ordered two bottles: the mild formula to start with, and the original formula in case I could handle the pepper. My Eustachian tubes don’t quite function as they should. They only open […]

Addicted to nasal spray after frontal sinusitis


Martin: I’m Martin, 46 years old, and I’ve been addicted to nasal spray containing xylometazoline for years after getting frontal sinusitis about ten years ago. I kept using xylmetazoline ever since. Initially, it worked very well, but as time went on I had to keep using more and more in order to keep my nose […]

Chronic colds and sinus infections: everything is much better now


Froukje: As long as I can remember, I’ve had to deal with a nose that gets stuffy from time to time. It’s not caused by an allergy, but by changes in temperature, humidity, exertion and things like that. Because of the sniffles, I used to get sinus infections and, if was really unlucky, stuffy ears […]